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tv   [untitled]    November 9, 2010 4:00am-4:30am PST

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we are spending more money in california on prisons than we are on education. we have too many people in prisons to our liking people out of city college. what is happening is more than an outrage. the systethis is something thate take immediate steps to protect. we have seen that this falls on deaf ears.
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unless the people make their voices heard, we will not see change. we know this is a recipe for failure. going forward, we must become involved in the justice system. this is not someone else's problem. we will sit and wonder why the crime rates have gone up.
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>> when you think about the cost to our society and every person that lives in our society. it becomes very clear that we have no option but to act and act now. i am hoping that you will be motivated to get involved in non ordinary justice. we have yet to live up to that promise. i look forward to working with all of you call ever to pla.
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we invite you to stay with us. we look forward to continuing this dialogue in the future. thank you very much.
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>> good afternoon. i am the city librarian, and it
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is fantastic to have this turn out as we celebrate a wonderful neighborhood treasurer, our city library. what you think of it? fantastic, right? we have none other than at the senator milton mark library staff. we will kick it off with their entertainment. give me a round of applause. they have worked very hard. [applause] >> is this thing on? [laughter] ♪
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>> thank you.
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>> ♪ >> fabulous job. ladies and gentlemen, i would
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like to take a moment to acknowledge the elected officials here, the commissioners, department heads, and the wife of the late senator milton marks. we are very excited about this reopening. but i want to take a moment to talk about this project, representing the 10th project in the branch library improvement program. and this is the flagship, because it is the largest. it is ahead of schedule in terms of construction. it is finished, and the entire team will work on this. this is an amazing building. it opened in 1914. carnegie-area building,
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beautiful, but it needed work. it was paid for 1914 for $40,000. it has come a long way. it is accessible, with designated spaces for children, teenagers, wireless, computer technology, and an amazing collection of books, media, russian-language material -- is a phenomenal resource for your neighborhood, and most importantly, your neighborhood library. [applause] is an amazing team that has come together, which is why we're so proud working with the community since 2002 to put it altogether. there are some folks that i
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would like to talk to. they have done a phenomenal job of making sure that all of these services are going to be offered for all of you. in addition to this team, we also have, from the branch library division, a great team with kelsey lorton and tim williams. but give them a round of applause, as well. and in partnership with the improvement program -- and you will hear more -- i want to take a moment to thank him for the great work on the project.
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also, the friends of the library -- they have helped galvanize the community. this project -- we have a lot of special thanks. 5.9 million in funding. and judy moran and scott donahue later on, you can see some public art at the plaza, a
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fantastic space for the community. with that, it is my pleasure to introduce mike less so -- leto. give him a big welcome here in richmond. >> thank you. i know a good time when i see it, and this beautiful 1914 carnegie landmark building is now ready to face the 21st century and glorified fashion. it takes the library to sustain the village, and it is great to see them out today in support of the library. so we have a great surprise
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ahead as you enter into these doors with the 4000 additional new square feet to allow for expansion of the chinese and russian collections, the efficiency upgrades, the technology upgrades, greater disability access, the $13 million some that san francisco voters approved for this project have been well spent, and we're just one of two branch libraries and san francisco to benefit from the state bond money, as well. so, it has really been a project that is successful in every way. not only on budget, not only on time, but ahead of time. when d.c. taxpayer dollars at work ahead of schedule? [applause] so, we all know that we love our libraries not only for the access to world unknown to our
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children, families, and until the books are put onto screen, but because they've really become the heart and soul of our communities. it is in the space where everyone can come together, feel safe, and know that there are world's to be explored, minds to be opened. with the extraordinary landscaping cure and the ninth avenue side, equally beautiful on the 10th avenue side, this is something we can all be proud of. so i want to say thank you bought only to our great staff. the interior has community members to raise the final dollars to put this final touch on everything. so i would like to present this
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to my good friend, carolyn marks, who has carried on the name and work and spirit of senator milton so ably and heartfelt. if i may, i want to present you with this. she has got my back, as always. i want to provide you -- present you with this. i assure you have seen many of these in your state. it is to show you how appreciative we are of all you do on a regular basis. [applause] >> thank you. thank you so much. >> let's give bessie a welcome. >> thank you. i am pleased to be a part of
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your celebration today. i bring you greetings from my colleagues at the state library. in 2000, california voters approved the reading literacy improvement and public library construction act of 2000. that provided $350 million for construction, renovation of public libraries. as a result of that initiative, 45 public libraries were funded, resulting in over 1.5 million of public cyberspace. as part of the evaluation team, i can tell you that it was a highly competitive situation. over three cycles of the program, we received 199 applications totaling 1 billion, six under 64 million, $271,076 in request said. your graph for it the richmond library was in the second cycle
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of the grant program, and we received 66 applications totaling 547 million, $149,519 in requests. 16 projects were recommended and funded, and i wish to congratulate the san francisco public library. [applause] luis mentioned that this library was carnegie library, established in 1914. at that time, the price given for this library was $49,400. we certainly have, long way since then. the public library is the heart of the community because it reaches out to all segments of your population and it is the greatest gift that can be provided to constituents. congratulations on your reopening of the richmond public library.
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thank you. >> early on, she told me that san francisco does it right in terms of her projects, so we're happy to accept that partnership. also, we have susan chan, representing senator's office. but if during welcome. thank you. >> hello, everyone. i am so happy to be here with yet this grand opening. i have a resolution resolved by the president pro tem pour. he takes great pleasure in drawing attention to the opening of the library, and i think the staff for providing valuable services to the community and extend best wishes to the library and its continued success. thank you. [applause] >> we have to amazing
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supervisors that have provided leadership and support for the project. it is my pleasure to introduce our latest supporter, a supervisor eric mar. >> thank you. afternoon, richmond district, and good afternoon to library lovers from all across the city. thank you so much to the late senator and be under senator and their family for being here. i've also honored to be here with our city staff at work so hard on this principle library and many of the community-based groups that put their heart and soul into rebuilding this incredible place. this is a great example of our community working together, uniting for something we love in our community. it is one of the happiest for me. our beloved library will be
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opened up once again. and for me, as a young person, my love of learning and curiosity as a result came through regular visits to the library with my mother. our new library gives us all of our opportunities to imagine a dream. also, our libraries are crucial parts of san francisco's stake in us, which has to ensure that we have healthy, livable, and caring community spree today is sad for my daughter because she is going to mix -- miss the book mobile. but i felt empty for two years because this building has been seven -- renovated. but it will make our district whole again. kids and families like us will love it.
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they can use study rooms, and immigrant communities will relieved of these new collections that we have here. but i will just say that our hard-working guardians will have much improved offices and an incredible community room, as well. just look at this incredible 1914 carnegie landmark building. it is incredibly awesome. if you look up at the ceilings and panels and feel the lights in the building and walked up the stair -- walk up the stairs, i am sure i'm not going to be alone and calling this the crown jewel, the biggest branch library in our system. so thank you so much for being here with us today. this is an incredible library. thank you. >> thank you so much, supervisor. like any project, there are helpful groups along the way,
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and there were a couple here for the richmond project. we had a funding gap, but during that time i can always remember talking to the supervisor and having him say, do not give up, we will make it happen. he did, and it is my pleasure to introduce the former supervisor. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon. we printed a lot of money, and late at night we would blow on it. we got through it. it is a miracle the year after year san francisco found a way to finance. as a wonderful, wonderful free library system, in addition to everything else. when i got this job, the year before i was elected, almost nine years ago, there was an event here to kick off the campaign. nine years, ok? so i got the seven year itch a couple of years ago. but this has really been
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tremendous teamwork. i think that i am lucky to have written something in the time capsule. one afternoon, i said, what should we say in the time capsule, which will be open and 50 years? when i come back in 50 years with less care, i am going to try to remember what is in there, because it said something to this effect. we in the present thanks very much those in the past for having given us this incredible library, including mr. carnegie and company. we in the present will become part of the past, and that leads to you in the future with a legacy. that sounds like a convoluted, semi-colon decline. i want you to know that that is for me the continuity represented today. the folks in the future allow kids to be here, 57, 60
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something. everything is responsible and needs to be thanked. thank you very much for the opportunity to say thank you. thank you. i would like to present a check. i was recently elected. i would like to present this check to you to help with the furniture.
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>> is the same building. there is much for added. -- there is much more added. is the most significant capital improvement projects in a long time. the program was initially approved in the year 2000 by voters. richmond is the 10th in the improvement program. the lottery's serve all the
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communities in the city. it really is a community. i live here, just a few blocks over that way. the way that the city deals with the branch library, the work they have done recognize this, and all the work they have done for the community. they want the library to be built in san francisco. that was in 1914 that the present building was designed and funded through the philosophy of andrew carnegie. historically, is the second busiest branch in the system. it is outpaced only by the chinatown branch. thanks to additional funding a 5.9 million provided by the state propositiond by
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proposition 14, that's referred to the california reading and literacy improvement and public library construction and bond act of 2000, that's the short version of the title. we were able to expand the space and provide additional space for collections, computers, room for teens. a community meeting room. which you can see that it is accessible from outdoors, if we have to have an afterhours meeting it is possible. speaking on behalf of the library commission, we have a commitment to commence in the entire program for the branch library improvement program, in design, safety, modernization and green standards. and we like also to express, i like to express on behalf of the commission the wonderful work,
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the community and partnership with the department of public works, california state library, and the library for all of their support in making this possible. i like to give those organizations starting with, starting with the department of public works, and the others i just mentioned, give them a round of ablause for all of the hard work they've done. thank you. >> thank you commissioner moneyson. it is an amazing partnership that we have established and we need to give credit where credit is due. because they manage the entire improvement program. it is my pleasure to welcome and introduce the director of public works, ed riskin. >> thank you. good afternoon, everyone, what a great turnout today. i think the richmond knows how to have a party and enjoy a saturday afternoon.
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mayor new some formed a partnership between the library and the department of public works and we've been working together, opening the branchs one after another. it is a extraordinary partnership. they bring their expertise of libraries. we bring our expertise of buildings and together we create great things. this one was particularly special for us in the department of public works. as you've heard, this is the biggest, busiest, oldest and most beautiful libraries in the system. for us to have the opportunity and honor to work here is something special. john thomas who along with -- along with jasmine cue worked with a landscape architect, lives in the neighborhood. let's give them a hand. and those that did the redesign of the buildings, also from the bureau of architecture, they did


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